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Understanding Overseas Sports Bats. By-Caz79

You must have a lot of worries as you enter overseas.
I don't know if I can. It's not illegal. I don't think it's a good idea. I wrote down what I thought briefly.


For those who are entering overseas sports betting, please read and judge.


1.Can I believe it? - License status, listing, corporate history, etc.

All of the companies I introduce are under the supervision of the government, have a formal Gamble license, and will only introduce you to reputable companies. In overseas regions, especially England, sports betting and casinos are very advanced, and Internet casino businesses are also operating legally.
Don't think about illegal Internet casinos because sales are huge and it's a state-managed business. As you believe in Macau Casino Gambling Site, overseas Internet casino sites are larger and reliable.


2. How to Use - In and out

I/O is used through electronic wallet. Moneybuckers are the most commonly used.
Moneybuckers is also a world-class electronic wallet financial company registered as a financial institution.
It is a reliable financial system that has been adopted as one of the payment options in eBay.


3.Is there any problem with using it? (irregularities)

I think that's controversial. Is it legal or illegal to go to Macau and play a casino?
Casino companies are legal. Playing games is also legal. But I think it is illegal for Koreans to play 'gambling'.
And since we have taken foreign currency out of the country, it is against the Foreign Exchange Control Act.


If gambling itself is illegal. So how do we prove it?
Macau's casino game data and so on their mailing list and police can we ask our country ...

No. Most of Foreign Exchange Transactions Act for violation of the problem. I introduce sites also large companies operating legally. Can't ask such thing as data and, I don't send. But for every one of scanning your computer, access records to find? Meonibu keoseu and remitting money to the data can we ask?


In Korea, overseas remittances and be a problem because of becoming its own gambling problem.

But I can get to - private servers abroad, the private Internet gambling sites. Literally the company itself is only illegal place is most often get caught. 토토메이저놀이터 It's a gambling house run by Korean individuals, an illegal company with no license and no company base. These sites are both owners and users are subject to punishment. However, I understand that it is difficult to punish owners and users of foreign companies that actually have licenses.

Illegal money transfer abroad that presents a problem meonibu keoseu is do not correspond on overseas money transfers because it has a bank account in Korea.
I don't know, but a lot of people are betting overseas. I don't think I've seen any problems.

There are often problems with eating sites and editorials.

Well, I'm a little careful to say there's no problem, but...
I hope you will think carefully and judge.

Understanding sports betting dividends

Hello. I'm Caz79^^
I have a little time, so I'd like to talk about the dividend today.

1.dividend = Probability

Dividends are probability. Let's say the U.S. and Somalia play basketball. There is no crazy betting company that gives American backbiting.
However, in this extreme case, the U.S. and Spain play basketball, and France and Germany play soccer. This will blur the line between the juniors and backbears, and sometimes each betting company will give you a different kind of service or service. In case of unover or handicap, a certain similar base point is formed for each betting company, and the dividends are covered by the seniority and the reverse. This is because each of the betting companies has its own place in the royal court and its own place in the reverse.They cry and laugh because of a base point. This is the same for Betting companies. Despite the 0.1 percent difference in dividends, betting companies' profits are fluctuating. So there are really professional people and companies that only measure dividends. Experts and complex algorithms that can't compare to the betters calculate dividends, and this changes a lot before the game, not fixed.
That's why I don't think analysis really means much. Because there's a dividend on the winner anyway, and that's the probability. But Jung-bae doesn't always win, so if you have a detailed analysis and objective indicators, you can increase your winning rate. It's a fact. That's why, as I said in the last article, you need a consistent analysis of yourself.

2. What if the ship blows?

A lot of betters say that if you don't get a full stomach, you'll be full of vomit. And when there's a severe backlash, there's a saying, "Manipulation." Do you think so? First, betters take something called a margin. So the unover 2.5 base point is 1.85:1.85, not 2:2. And this margin is different for each betting company. Which is 1.95:1.95; 1.85:1.85; and Batman? It provides a dividend of 1.72:1.72. Batman is one of the reasons why he's such a scumbag. Of course, the higher the margin of betting company, the more disadvantage better is.

When Unover said he had a 1.85:1.85 dividend, he bet 10,000 won each.
The result of the game was over. So, is betting a real money? No, it's not. It's only about 85 percent of the understated people's money that they give to the winners, and 15 percent they eat. This is how it benefits.
What about when Jeong-bae came out?
There's a baseball game with a dividend of 1.5:2.5 and we bet on each of the above The result was a 1.5-fold victory.
In this case, only 50% of the loser's money will be given to the winner. It's a profit of two hundred and fifty thousand won.
Rather, the betting company made more money than the above.
What if there's a reverse? The loser's betting amount should be 50,000 won plus 2.5 million won, giving a total of 7.5 million won to the reverse. If anything, it's a loss of two and a half million. This is a singular example. Of course, if you have a dividend of 1.5 and a dividend of 2.5, you'll have more betters on 1.5. That's why if you're driven, you're going to lose your dividend.We're going to reduce the amount we're going to give to the winner. Dividend adjustments are made by calculating revenue from their margins. To make sure there's no loss. For betting companies, it's more likely that they'll make a profit when they're older than reverse. In some cases, if a person is upset, the betting company may be damaged.

3. A game of manipulation?
There's definitely a manipulation. But regular betters don't really matter. Usually, manipulation is done by a weak team rather than by a strong team.Because it's easier to succeed. There's a mind to make money to lose anyway. In other words, there are more cases of seniority than reverse. In the case of unovers, I went overboard, but underhand manipulation is whining. Unover goes by as many underlings as overkill. Just because there are too many people in my neighborhood in our cafe doesn't mean the whole world has gone too far.

And will the dividends never catch that game? The systems that the dividends have are enormous. There's hundreds of billions of dollars going back and forth, but isn't there a single monitoring system like that?

And for one reason or another, manipulation comes a lot in the specials. When it comes to basketball, it's the first win or the first digit. 메이저놀이터파워볼 In football, there are cases of exit or PK or not. The most serious manipulation is over seven goals (more than 30 times) in the first half of the year losses (more than 30 times In the past, when I received a pick from abroad, I was recommended to play a game like this, so I actually succeeded. In some cases, when the club is too financially strapped (or is sold to pay) it is suspected of tampering. But no one knows what they're going to do. It's just a gossip, so don't worry too much.

Anyway, let's get this straight.
Understand the dividend and use the lowest margin among the various sites you have.
1.90: 1.90 or higher. And there's definitely a game of manipulation, but you think it doesn't exist and you control your mind.
In conclusion, it's very short. I thought it would be helpful if you knew the story and bet on it.

If you want more information, you can check the website. -



The Future of the U.S. Sports Betting Market. by- Caz79

Hello, I'm Caz79 Sport PR team.

In the United States, which is the mecca of the sports industry, sports betting is illegal in principle There are several possible states, such as Las Vegas and Nevada, but even this is said to be illegal to bet on amateur sports. That's because there's a lot of concern about match fixing due to the huge market size.

Recently, however, there have been growing calls in the U.S. to legalize sports betting. They argue that as the illegal sports gambling market continues to grow, it is better to legalize and foster sports betting in the dark. That's a big story for us, too.

The United States is the mecca of the sports industry and is leading the trend in the global sports market. Unfortunately, however, unlike European countries, which are sports advanced countries, the U.S. treats sports betting as illegal in principle, and the restrictions are also very strict.

Nevertheless, where there is a sports betting is allowed. The United States law differently every week. There are only four states where sports betting is legal: Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon, where Las Vegas is widely known as the city of gambling. Among them, Nevada is the only place where betting is allowed in the U.S. National Football League.

However, even in Las Vegas, the mecca of gambling, there is sports betting that is illegal. It is betting on amateur sports. Therefore, they are saying that they cannot bet on competitions like the Olympics. Those who insist on legalizing betting for all sports in the U.S. ask what is the difference between the North American Professional Hockey League (NHL) and the Olympics, where the same player plays. Of course, you may think that betting on the Olympic Games is against the sports spirit of the Olympics, but it is also true that many legal sports betting events, including our country, are aimed at the Olympics.

Perhaps the biggest reason the U.S. does not legalize sports betting in its entirety is that the overly large market size raises concerns of match-fixing. In fact, the Black Sox scandal, a match-fixing scandal that took place at the 1919 World Series in the U.S. Major League Baseball, dealt a hard blow to the club.

Nevertheless, it is also true that there are growing calls in the U.S. to legalize spats betting. Adam Silver, 52, president of the NBA, told The New York Times about legalizing sports betting in the United States. The U.S. government should revise federal laws to allow legalization of bets on professional sports games based on strict legal management and technical safety measures, it claimed. "It has been 22 years since the PASPA was enacted in the U.S. to protect professional sports and amateur sports," Silver said. "The times have changed a lot, and illegal sports betting is taking place in the dark. It would be better to legalize sports betting in the dark.

No one knows how the sports betting arm of the United States will move in the future. However, if the U.S. legalizes betting in government-approved legal companies such as Korea's Sports Toto, or if it seeks to legalize betting altogether, I think the leadership of the global sports betting market will change.

Caz79 always conveys useful information to followers easily. For more information, please visit my Caz team's homepage. - 메이저놀이터꽁머니

Positive and Negative Effects of the Sports Betting Industry

In a rapidly changing society, people try to succeed and take time to relax.
live on one's own account Korean professional sports are baseball and soccer in the early 1980s.
Since the switch, it has greatly affected the daily lives of the people. in addition to watching sports,

Betting on the score or victory was also recognized as a leisure culture, which is the gender of sports betting.
I called a line. Operation of sports betting tickets as an exclusive company with the popularity of sports betting.
There are limited event and betting cap rules, and people who are unhappy with them have different regulations.

I use illegal private betting companies that are not here and have more gambling properties.
As gambling in various forms became a serious social problem, the government said in 2007 that it was a member of the Prime Minister's Office.
We set up the Integrated Supervision Commission to implement various regulations and controls for effective management.

As the size of the sports betting industry grows, the problems associated with it are complex.
The need for professional research is raised as shown in , and in this paper, we or I
The Progress and People's Perception of La Sports Betting Industry and the Positive Effects of Sports Betting Industry
I would like to analyze the negative effects with.

The sports betting industry's effect on the national economy and life as a whole has greatly positive effects and wealth.
Can be divided into static effects. A positive aspect of the sports betting industry is the economy of the sports betting industry.

It is divided into enemy effects, fund-raising and utilization for sports, sound leisure use, and the incubation of gambling desires. 메이저놀이터입금 The negative effect of the sports betting industry is that the legalized gambling industry itself is a problem, excessive
Gambling addiction, as well as match fixing linked to illegal sports betting.

The sports betting industry, recognized as a lucrative area, is a double-edged sword. Bourne
Some of the effects analyzed in the paper are the advantages and disadvantages of the sports betting industry.

Ooh Depending on how Lee uses it, we can't make our lives rich or poor.
There is. We need to make up for the problems we need in the system and make sure that we operate correctly.
We can make it rich.


Have a nice day~!

Advances in sports marketing_sports, hands with IT

In June 1928, the main stadium in the midst of the Olympics in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. There were signs of advertisements for Coca-Cola, a multinational beverage company, throughout the stadium. The Amsterdam Olympics was the first sports event in history that drew attention for its "advertising marketing" with a sponsor company at the forefront. Coca-Cola, which has been named the "First Official Sponsor of the Olympics," has retained its position so far. This is the first case of sports marketing (in commercial sense) in name and reality.

Looking back on time, there were cases in which companies secured marketing opportunities for their companies instead of sponsoring an individual's sports activities. In March 1923, five years before the Olympics in Amsterdam, Gene Sarazen, then the top golfer, signed an advertising contract with Wilson, a U.S. sports equipment maker. The contract was renewed every two years until his death in 1999 and remains the "longest personal sports marketing contract in history."


"Marketing space? All the places you can see."

In the 1960s, when TVs began to be distributed, broadcasting of sports games became more common. During this time, sport is a broader range of Fandom has secured a (fandom) and marketing value as a means of jumped up. (車體) basketball player from sneakers to race car body, inside the stadiums, the outer wall, and even exposure on a billboard advertising, and even exposed to breaks during the drama or entertainment.Indirect marketing of the program (ppl) to ‘all potential audience that can be seen through the sports space’ was used for sports marketing. In recent days, even transit screen using the space the field of virtual advertisement advertising tv.

Business as a player and sports marketing effect the job of promoting their products are already has a large extent been proved. Actually intend to make ‘PR opportunities’ of the sports business is growing. According to the sports marketing experts, like sports and sports (and products), the more crazy about big-name players as impressions and memories of, love.Have strong. Enough to be used the word “Participating company is the only sports marketing disadvantage that it's not easy to so many outstanding” in the industry.

‘mere advertisement’ West as ‘provide the lifestyle message’.

Matt, Frazier (matt frazier) box has an American marathoner. Iran, better known by the nickname ‘No Meet aeseullit (no meat athlete)’ he actually don't eat meat. A diet heavy on vegetables from time to time my career by meat consumption to the masses of problems and the benefits of organic vegetarian diet of the river. Earth and to respect life, his way of life and (derived there.) image is often used to advertise their products. ‘new channel of public education’ also firmly roseodo.

Social networking services will be activated and sports marketing will have another turning point. This is due to the useful use of SNS in sending and spreading messages that lead to new lifestyles. Mark Sisson, 안전한메이저놀이터 a former triathlon player and now a fitness writer and blogger, said in an interview with Forbes in February last year that all companies in the world can change the world health through SNS.

Let's say a large company is working on an in-house environment and working style improvement program for about three weeks to improve their health. Every day, we take pictures and videos and post them on Instagram. Wouldn't that change the culture of working life itself? First of all, productivity per person will increase. Not only will the work atmosphere improve, but it will also reduce the cost of managing individual employees' health."

High-tech IT Technology Melts 'Humanity' in Sports Events


The "flower" of sports marketing is, after all, a large-scale sporting event. In particular, the Olympics, the Asian Games and the Universiade games are the sites to gauge how far corporate-led sports marketing has evolved.

Hosted by the Federation of University Sports Federations (Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire), and sponsored by Samsung Electronics Co., some 20,000 athletes from 170 countries around the world will compete in 21 events.

Samsung Electronics, one of the biggest sponsors, has chosen a slightly different marketing approach at the event. He prepared a campaign to promote harmony among the participating athletes. The main theme is "You Light Me Up," which translates into "You're the one I'm shining with." The main goal is to have all participating players and officials use Samsung Electronics' advanced electronic devices to praise and cheer their rivals.

The campaign sheds light on sports events in a slightly different light, in which "competition" can only be fundamental. This is not a process of "stressing others and standing alone," but a process of "being stimulated by one another and building up better skills." Of course, this constructive sports spirit is implemented through advanced IT technologies and devices provided by Samsung Electronics. In the process, Samsung Electronics will provide an opportunity for the human society to mature further, while giving future sports stars an opportunity to lead IT culture by allowing them to experience its advanced devices. In other words, it is a much more sophisticated and mature marketing strategy compared to the previous one, which boasts its own furnace and slogan clamorously. "Since it is a young and energetic competition involving college students from all over the world, we wanted to provide opportunities and space for all participants to share friendship and joy beyond winning and losing," said Hong Won-pyo, president of Samsung Electronics' Global Marketing Office.

A large screen is installed at the entrance of Samsung Electronics' Experience Meeting, which is located within the athletes' village of the Gwangju Universiade. The screen, which welcomes visitors to the experience center first, features photos of players who smile brightly and point to their opponents with the campaign slogan "U-Light Me Up." The main passageway to the information desk is decorated with space for direct participation in the campaign. It is a place where players without matches or training can freely stop by and face faces that were pleasant or awkward with competition.

Samsung Electronics went a step further and planted 'rest' and 'healing' codes at its experience center. It has created an environment where players without games or training can rest and become accustomed to Samsung Electronics culture naturally. In fact, athletes can watch the ongoing games through a large screen on the wall here equipped with air purifiers, massage chairs and wireless headsets. You can also film and upload "My Own Video" with various mobile devices installed in the experience center. By utilizing display installed on one side, it is basic to enjoy various genres of contents such as games, music, books, and broadcasting with excellent quality and sound quality. There is also a separate space where users can experience virtual reality through Samsung Gear VR or fall into immersion while enjoying games on SUHD TVs. This structure provides a consistent sense of the overall direction of sports marketing that Samsung Electronics is aiming for.

Evolve with sports and IT technology 'potential to communicate'

Humans have been crazy about sports for a long time. Will it still be seen kicking a ball even in ancient cave paintings? Perhaps humans had to train their physical strength and develop their team play skills to cope with changes in the harsh environment and competitive peer groups. After passing the crisis, you would have enjoyed the process like a play. This concept is consistent in the process of explaining the origin of sports.

Sports marketing is evolving today. 승인전화없는토토사이트 As shown by the way Samsung Electronics is sponsoring the Gwangju Universiade, it has been reborn as a way to give a kind of "wool" to the lifestyle of the progressives and people in "simple business promotion."

Love for sports often functions as an effective means of communication between people. Sports marketing is aimed at this very spot. They are moving deeper into our reality by working with the sports spirit of "improving each other's skills through competition and promoting communication and harmony." IT technology is a device that maximizes this effect. This is because IT technology is also developing in a way that makes personal life more prosperous and facilitates communication. After all, sports and IT are evolving toward a common goal of "communication between human beings and society," creating synergy.

Samsung Electronics Experience Center at Gwangju Universiade

Korea Sports brand "sports fan target" marketing bot..."Run with"!!


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With the opening of various professional leagues approaching, sports marketing by sports brands is also heating up.


In particular, it is attracting the attention of sports fans who are promising potential customers through sponsorship and sponsorship with sports teams. This strategy is well received for not only being able to contribute to the development of domestic sports, but also for securing natural recognition and increasing favorability.


For example, in the case of professional baseball, which is considered a "national sport," high performance sports brand Dynapit signed a five-year, 10-billion-won contract with last year's winner, the SK Wyverns, to sponsor the team's supplies, the largest single sports event in the country. Through the sponsorship deal, the SK Wyverns' squad will receive all sports items, including uniforms, from Dana Pit, which will be available at various venues starting this year Starting with this, the company will also launch various marketing campaigns using the star power of professional baseball players, including advertisements modeled on the SK Wyverns' star player and sponsorship of the major players.


Adidas is sponsoring a famous baseball player. Earlier this year, Kiwoom Heroes Lee Jung-hoo and KT Wiz Lee Dae-eun signed an official sponsorship deal with the players. Lee Jung-hoo and Lee Dae-eun, as adidas brand Ambassador, will receive all adidas' supplies and work as major category models.


The sponsorship of sports brands is not just about baseball. Desant will also sponsor all clothing and supplies for the national track and field team for the next four years starting this year It is also planning to carry out various activities to expand the base of track and field, such as finding promising athletes and supporting competitions. On top of that, Nike also signed sponsorship contracts with new golfer Hanjin Shipping and actively supports the clothing and golf shoes sectors to show the best performance.


"The fans who usually visit the games are considered loyal potential customers because their interest and affection in the sport are guaranteed," said a representative for Dynapet. "Dainapit is also providing support for the development of related sports, which naturally raises awareness and familiarity as a new brand and has positive reviews."


Others focus on events that are relatively lacking in sponsorship. It is seen that it can secure a positive image of contributing to the expansion of the base of various sports and also highlight its presence as a sports brand that emphasizes overcoming difficulties or limitations. Typically, 메이저놀이터추천 Wheela is officially sponsoring the national skateboarding team. Asix will also provide support by signing a contract with Samsung Life's wrestling team to sponsor the product and deliver the goods for the development of wrestling by 2020.