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The power of fairness, justice, and concern in sports

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There is an incident that rocked the American gymnastics world from 2016 to 2018. Larry Nassar. Larry Nassar, a former doctor dedicated to the U.S. national gymnastics team, has repeatedly committed sex crimes against athletes for more than three decades. Nassar made headlines with up to 360 years in prison.


In the wake of the Nassar incident, an independent sports human rights organization called Safe Sport was established in the United States. The "Safe Sport" runs separately from the U.S. Olympic Committee and the Federation of American Competition Organizations, and is known to deal directly with sexual violence and child violence with exclusive authority.


About a year after the Nassar incident, the so-called "Mitu" movement was also followed in January this year, in which the nation's sports community filed complaints against sexual violence. Through this, sexual violence cases that have been committed in places that have been out of the reach of our society have been revealed without makeup. It shocked not only the sports community but also the people.


In particular, the entire nation was divided over the testimonies of victims who had been sexually assaulted since their childhood in elementary, middle and high schools. A joint effort by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and other related ministries was made to "prevent corruption in the sports sector, including sexual violence," while bills aimed at protecting athletes were proposed at the National Assembly. A joint public-private sports innovation committee has been formed to make seven recommendations for structural improvement in the sports community as a whole.


And finally, on Nov. 27, the National Sports Promotion Act passed the Legislation and Judiciary Committee of the National Assembly, which calls for the establishment of a sports ethics center and depriving sports leaders of sex crimes for up to 20 years. In other words, there has been a turning point for protecting the human rights of athletes in the system.


The 메이저놀이터 sports ethics center, which is tasked with investigating sports corruption and protecting the human rights of athletes, will operate as an independent agency from sports organizations, like the U.S. "Safe Sport." The fact that the agency is operating "independent" has a different importance. In case of sports corruption or human rights violations, the level of investigation and disciplinary action have been decided within the sports body. As a result, "foolish punishment" was widespread. Within the closed network, it was difficult to ensure the fairness and objectivity of the investigation. Once the sports ethics center is established, it is expected that a fair investigation by outside experts and an objective review of the level of punishment will be conducted systematically as well as the protection of victims.


Limits on the qualifications of sports leaders for violence and sexual violence will also be strengthened. Those sentenced to more than imprisonment for committing sex crimes cannot become sports leaders for 20 years and those sentenced to fines for 10 years. He cannot be a sports leader for 10 years even if he is sentenced to more than imprisonment for injury or assault. The regulation is designed to address problems that the perpetrator cannot disclose because he is afraid that the perpetrator will return to the scene even if he or she is assaulted or sexually assaulted by the leader. In particular, special attention and protection are needed for young players.


The findings by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, which said some spectators used sexual harassment remarks against high school girls at the National Sports Festival in October, should be taken seriously.


What is the value of sports? Why do we like sports? The true value and ultimate purpose of sports will be to compete as best as possible over fair rules, recognize and respect the other side, accept the outcome and, moreover, achieve a healthy society. The entire society, as well as the leaders and parents, should be protected so that young athletes can fulfill their dreams in a bright and healthy environment and learn the power of fairness, justice and consideration in sports. is always committed to delivering the latest information and hot issues quickly.

메이저놀이터 Keyword "Skinship" highlighted by sports brands


The overall marketing trend of sports brands is still focused on hands-on events. However, the key words have changed. While the existing hands-on marketing was a one-way communication that brings together large numbers of people and delivers brand images to many people, it is evolving into a community-type marketing that targets a small number of consumers, not an unspecified number, to enhance understanding of the brand, communicate directly, and draw intimacy. It may be because it is more effective in leading to actual purchases. The marketing keyword for the sports brand we picked is 'Skinship.'

1. SNS: Lead the spread of real-time sharing and content

Global experience marketing platform 0.8L (Gongpalitter) is a trendy application that can spread experience marketing easily and quickly among marketers. Through the application, consumers can experience new products, become marketers themselves, leave reviews and share them with Instagram.

Yoga clothing brand TrueFoxi has made the reviews it left on Instagram in real time available to provide a platform for consumers to easily share a yoga culture among themselves. It also uses global models to naturally expose products to photo-cuts and fitness videos and to enrich the quality of video content so that people can enjoy yoga easily as a home fitness center.

Mizuno's running crew runs 40 running creases with 20 or fewer people, and the Mizuno prize is given when the mission is carried out and the mission is completed and completed eight times in total. 메이저놀이터, It shares its mission activities with individuals and official SNS and spreads additional contents by doing so.

Since 2015, Nike has been promoting the Nike Training app for women, holding a hashtag event that shares the message # Become stronger than today. The hashtag sharing is encouraging prize events and the spirit of challenge among consumers, and promoting a sense of bond. Not only Instagram but Facebook, Twitter and many other contents were created naturally.

The small running class, which is done by teaching beginners basic and accurate exercise methods, is called non-genitor marketing in the sports industry. Consumers can increase their interest through expert education without requiring extra equipment or location.

The Eider Class selects new sports every month, offering consumers a chance to experience them in person. Eider recruits with a small number of people, considering that it is difficult to take the first step in any time. It is focusing on program planning and organizing to create more specialized classes to increase interest in learning.

To communicate with the state's consumer base, Yonex Badminton Club held a one-point lesson to help promote friendship among club members. Major programs included basic positions with professional coaches and transfer of special know-how to improve the skills of fellow Koreans.

The Emmitt One Day class received favorable responses from consumers in their 20s and 30s, with more than 800 applicants per 15 people. It was an event where you can learn about Watersports, which is difficult to challenge alone, such as rowing, kayaking and windsurfing, along with other participants in the city center. The program consists of a one-day ground course learning basic moves, a water training course and an actual tour.

3. Transformation of Stores: Creating a Community Between Consumers as a New Cultural Space

The stores of a sports brand are usually made up of museum forms and the products are just listed. However, it is now transforming into a space where people can experience brand culture and create a natural community among consumers.

Runbase Seoul in Adidas, located in Gyeongridan-gil, has recently become a hot place. The three-story runbase offers a variety of running classes, including stretching rooms, locker rooms, and shower facilities. In addition, free drinks and running shoes rental services are being provided. It shows more space than shoe stores.

The Bounder of Le Kokke Sportive, which is emerging as a platform for cycling culture. Located in Cheongdam-dong, the cycling culture space represents a complex cultural space combining the car-pee and cycling culture. Wide bike parking, free maintenance kit and styling space for riders. The famous juice bar "Triva" in Hannam-dong is located, providing signature drinks and natural ion drinks for riders.

4. Culture and Art: Converts Brand and Space with Culture and Art

Fila Originale’s Nomad Shop Ground project is a new pop-up store that incorporates fashion and culture. Instead of opening pop-ups in a fixed location, they wander around looking for consumers, and the pop-up that opened in Samcheong-dong combines famous musicians’ performances, studios and cafes to integrate products and diverse cultures.

SPA brand AtSeconds opened Studio At, which enjoys exhibitions and experiences at the same time, at its first Garosu-gil store. It presents a new design and an exhibition of themes every month. The first project was titled "City Man and Woman," a collaboration between poet Ha Sang-wook, who is gaining huge popularity on SNS, and author Kim Kyu-hyung, author of Seoul Snap. He gained great popularity.

Reebok launched the "Women's Campaign" with ballerina Kang Sue-jin as a goodwill ambassador. He also organized programs such as fitness courses and talk shows to hold "strong women’s strong day." It is interesting that the event is not only a fitness class that teaches sports, but also an event where you can directly deliver the know-how of healthy stars.

5. Festival: A representative event of large-scale hands-on marketing

Large-scale festival marketing that heats up with warmer weather is a representative experience marketing for current sports brands. Over the years, the festival’s framework remains the same, but the format has become more diversified and subdivided. The large-scale festival of the sports brand is expensive, mainly combined with outdoor activities such as marathons, triathlon and trailers, but the fact that participants use the brand’s sports products and run long distances creates a positive image of the brand as well as promotional effects.

The event was the first sports brand to host the Duathlon race in 2015. Duathlon is an official sport without swimming in Triathlon and requires extreme patience and stamina. The 2017 Deathant’s Duathlon race will be joined by Incheon City.

Adidas continues to hold large festivals every year, especially in Busan, not Seoul. If it becomes a long-term festival, it will likely develop into a larger form of local culture, not just a festival image of a sports brand.

The direct touch of a small number of consumers and brands can convey brand images and key messages, and consumers can communicate their opinions directly to the company with voluntary participation. Through such two-way communication, they can seek a win-win effect of sharing loyalty and trust with each other. But massive marketing will not stop.

In the future, the subject of hands-on marketing will move away from popularized festivals or classes such as universal yoga, Pilates and ballet, and naturally encourage people to enter their own brand culture with so-called high-end sports climbing, water leisure and healing camps that are not easily accessible to ordinary consumers.

In online marketing, shared marketing will become active, moving away from promoting simple product postings. Brand enthusiasts who sympathize with the brand culture with the small class offline share it with an unspecified number of people. In other words, marketing that consumers share with another potential consumer will be the main focus.

With more users such as Instagram and other SNS 토토사이트, sharing their lifestyles with photos and simple videos, more people are opting for special activities or space. Therefore, a brand store incorporating cultural art will be in the spotlight as a hot place.

In particular, SNS will mainly encourage and inform each other's sports life among consumers who like the same brand, communicate the sports culture they enjoy to the general public, and promote themselves as a voluntary brand marketer. Thus, based on SNS, consumer-only communication will become more and more sticky and the communication will become bigger.

Focus on the game if you want to captivate the younger generation!, eSports marketing in the spotlight.

eSports to function as marketing in entertainment function

E-sports, which are infatuated by younger generations such as the League of Legend, Overwatch and Battleground, are expanding into the marketing realm. According to e-Sports Research conducted by Korea Investment & Securities, the global e-sports market was tallied at 1.2811 trillion won in 2019, while the e-sports market was estimated to be 2.29 trillion won by 2022.

Similarly, according to the E-Sports survey published by the Korea Creative Content Agency in 2018, the size of the local e-sports market grew to 97.3 billion won in 2017, with 4.2 percent growth compared to 2016, indicating that e-sports are growing more and more. Amid the growth of e-sports, people in their teens and 30s enjoy e-sports the most.

The corresponding age group is also seen as potential customers in the consumer market, prompting companies to step up efforts to capture them with e-sports marketing.

Louis Vuitton is a luxury brand, 안전놀이터 but it has expanded its marketing area to e-sports to target young people.

On September 23, 2019, Louis Vuitton announced that it would create a trophy case for the League of Legends World Championship in partnership with Riot Games.

This is believed to be Louis Vuitton’s strategy to target young Chinese consumers, conscious of the high popularity of the Rold Cup in China. It will also release a collection of champion skins and capsules hosted by Nicolas Ghesquier, artistic director.

E-sports marketing is also active in Korea. The financial sector, which had been implementing youth marketing to attract young customers, has recently been promoting marketing using e-sports.

In eSports marketing, which is mostly in the form of sponsorship, Hanwha Life Insurance has created and operated its own game group to conduct marketing. In April 2018, Hanwha Life Insurance acquired the League of Legend’s Rocks Tigers to create the Hanwha Life e-Sports Group. In 2019, the company is conducting a brand campaign under the slogan "BREAK THE LIMIT, Break the Limit!" to communicate with fans.

The move was implemented to explore the potential of individual players pursued by Hanwha Life Insurance's e-sports and to create synergy among players. In addition, the company hosted events such as HLE Fan Fest, HLE Global Challenge and Hanwha Eagles Promotion Day to enhance communication with fans, which are seen as maintaining a strong fan base.

Mobile carriers are also focusing their efforts on e-sports. Typically, SK Telecom is carrying out e-sports marketing based on 5G. It allows users to enjoy e-sports through its corn app and provides a total of three services: multi-view, virtual reality (VR) and AR (enhanced reality).

The multi-view is well received by viewers as it allows users to view up to a dozen screens, including the broadcasting screen, 토토사이트 the personal screen of players from each team and the panoramic view of the map. In addition, it is gaining high popularity among younger generations through "Jump AR," which can produce and distribute highlight scenes with VR contents titled "Global Wad Point" and deliver cheering messages to athletes.

To target young people in their teens to 30s, various companies are using e-sports as a marketing element.However, with the diversification of e-sports marketing in various fields, companies are unlikely to expect much effect from the simple signing of sponsorship. It is important to pay attention to how companies use e-sports, as the success of e-sports marketing will depend on the success of their marketing.

the never-so-glamorous world of sports agents

What job would anyone majoring in sports have dreamed of once? The answer is sports agents (competitors' representatives). The coveted job, known through the movie Jerry Maguire, looks like a job that brings colorful wealth and honor and dreams of a rosy future, playing a role of willing sacrifice for the player.

But the world of sports agents is not easy. The domestic market is all the more so. In the nation's sports market, athletes' physical prices seem to be high in terms of their sense, but in reality, only some of the top players earn high salaries. For this reason, the agent market is small. Also, it is still difficult for a large agent like Scott Boras, the most influential agent in Major League Baseball, to be created.

During a trade investment promotion meeting on Feb. 17, the government decided to actively nurture sports management companies as "measures to revitalize the sports industry." In other words, the government has decided to boost the sports service industry by fostering the sports agent industry. "We will prepare operational guidelines for this year’s sports agent system and prepare programs to nurture outstanding agents and use them as a driving force for new growth projects," said an official in charge of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (here. In addition, he gave a positive response to the introduction of the agent system, saying, "In the case of professional baseball, we have not yet agreed on anything, but we will work with the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) to establish the timing and protocol for the implementation of the agent system in the second half of the year."

Such willingness by the government appears to be linked to the revitalization of the "creative economy." It is to induce the sports industry in a desirable direction through sound investment and to foster market development and the self-sustaining power of professional clubs to enable reasonable management. In addition, management will be allowed to invest in various sports and sports marketing fields by expanding the size of the agent market.

"We plan to help the sports industry grow by fostering sports management industries that specialize in sports marketing and managing athletes," a ministry official said in an interview with a reporter. "We are also planning to introduce measures to support investment in new businesses by providing funds for equity investments or program development."

메이저놀이터 At the "Sports Culture, Industrial Vision Reporting Conference" held at the Daegu Land Promotion Center on Thursday, the ministry announced that it will raise the size of the sports industry market, which is worth 41 trillion won in 2014, to 53 trillion won by 2018. It also plans to increase the number of jobs in the sports industry to 330,000 by 2018 by nurturing sports professionals and actively supporting retired athletes in employment.

Professional baseball, which has yet to implement the agent system.

The government has taken an interest in the sports industry and stepped up efforts to create jobs, including the agent system, but the reality is not optimistic. Currently, the largest KBO league in the nation's sports industry is supposed to introduce an agent system through a revision on Oct. 31, 2001. Article 42 of the baseball code is like this.

1) If a player wants to sign an athlete's contract through an agent, he or she shall be the only attorney under the Law of the Law.

2) The agent may not represent more than two competitors at the same time.

3) The date of implementation of the agency system shall be separately set in the Schedule.

The timing of the implementation, however, remains uncertain. Due to unreasonable regulations that allow agents to sign only one player and only lawyers, the players' association, the KBO and each club have yet to reach any agreement on implementation.

In a related development, Kim Sun-woong, secretary general of the Korea Professional Baseball Players Association, said, The current agent system is indefinitely pending implementation. "Since we have cut off our limbs, we have a problem even if we implement it," he said. "The current rules on the agent system have copied from Japan."

In December 2014, the Seoul Bar Association also reported the Korea Baseball Organization to the Fair Trade Commission in violation of the law on fair trade to urge the enforcement of the agent system. Nevertheless, why are KBO teams and clubs delaying the implementation of the agent system day by day?

Jeong Geum-jo, the KBO's operations manager, said, "We are very careful in deciding policies. We are currently preparing to discuss the agent," he said, adding that he is not yet in the stage to talk about details.The Fair Trade Commission introduced the agency system by requesting correction. Now we have to decide when to implement it," he said. Regarding the specific timing of implementation, he showed a lukewarm response.

So are the clubs. A team official said, "The salary contract with a player becomes a personal relationship. The player's hard work or sincerity is reflected. If the agent system is introduced, only those who get better grades will get better salaries and those who do better will get better grades

He went on to say, "There is a limit to the amount of money a club spends. Currently, no club is financially viable with a surplus. In most cases, well-performing players with limited resources will take more money, while those who cannot afford agents will not be treated because of their low rookie or salary. The polarization is expected to worsen," he said.

"In fact, I heard that there were quite a few cases where not only players but also agents accompanied me to negotiate at the negotiating table during the FA talks last year," a B club official hinted. He added, "In principle, we cannot move in together, but it is not very good to see them come in and negotiate. If this is the case, it would be better to open and foster them. Let’s raise the pie more and think about it.

Are agents really unnecessary?

The big reason teams and the KBO are burdened is their worries about rising costs. However, the net function of the agent cannot be ignored either.

In a related development, Kim Sun-woong, secretary general of the Korea Federation of Athletes' Associations, said, I think the agent system should definitely exist. When players and clubs negotiate in person, they are often offended by cold proposals. The front desk also doesn't want to fight against players, but salary is a structure that has to fight. Players can avoid emotional fights if they only work out hard and their representatives negotiate with the club," he claimed.

The biggest obstacle to the introduction of the agent system is also the "cost." The part that the KBO and the club are concerned about is the rise in "costs." Is that really true? In order to know this, you must first know the agent fee. If an agent negotiates on behalf of a player, he or she will receive a fee of 3% for soccer.

Major League Baseball usually gets a 5 percent commission. Since the U.S. market itself has an annual salary of around $60 billion, many agents are operating and building markets.

So what do you think of the KFA and its current agents? The introduction of the agent cannot significantly raise the players` annual salary. There are already some standards for the team`s annual salary performance, so it`s not a part of the team that can be raised if the agent asks for a raise without hesitation.

This was the same for Agent A, who is currently active. "To be honest, players with an annual salary of 30 million won and 40 million won are not capable of hiring agents," he said. I think it is only possible for those with a salary of 100 million won," he said.

If we look at the figures for the players, about 10 players are in one club. The annual salary accounts for between 20 and 25 percent of the club's annual operating expenses. Of the total annual salary, about 50 percent of the billion-year- If these billion-year-old players have a 5 percent agent fee and this is transferred to the club, the total operating expenses would be approximately 1 percent higher if the number of billion-year-olds increases a little more. Still, if the upper limit on agent fees is set, it is almost impossible to do so with a fee of 5 percent or more. The amount is so low in terms of the market structure that the operating expenses of the office will be tight in the year."

Let's vary the terms of the contract.

In a winter meeting ahead of this season, the KBO set its course. The heads of the 10 teams unanimously agreed to eliminate the winning incentives. For players with high annual salaries, the allowance for victory may be a mere penny," said Kim, secretary-general of the Korea Football Association. However, for players who get the minimum salary they don't want, or bullpen pitchers who quietly get the ball behind them, the victory pay is not a small sum. If we abolished it for transparency, I think we should do more diverse contract terms with players," he argued.

The reason for the rising cost of players` salaries is that the supply and demand do not match. Reducing the FA period to increase supply is also a good solution. In addition, the problem of compensators should be solved wisely, and team movements should be more active. And you can sign a good player through a multi-year contract and set the salary cap according to the team's situation through options. Competitors and clubs should move in a reasonable direction. I think we should recognize the diversity of player contracts."

The voices at the scene were no different. When reporters were covering the introduction of the agent system, players responded with one voice, saying, "If you have agents, you can really exercise comfortably." They say that without emotional exhaustion, players themselves have to focus on sports, exercise as they signed contracts, and earn their grades. "It's not easy for me to say to myself, 'Please give me some more money' with my mouth. I don’t know how embarrassed I am," he said.

Some of the players are worried. It is the qualification of an agent. Player B said, "There was an agent who approached me when I was an amateur to go to Major League Baseball. But it turned out to be an unpopular agent, so I flatly refused," he said.

Regarding the professionalism of the agent, Kim replied, "We have recommendations from players like the Major League, and we are considering giving global companies such as Nike and Adidas, for example, or those involved in baseball for years or years."


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Sports Marketing, Vietnam's national soccer team coach Park Hang-seo Magic Effect The most humane story topic.

The biggest issue in Korea and Vietnam seems to be the story of director Park Hang-seo, a sportsman. It became a success in sports marketing where all the stories of Vietnam, a former soccer powerhouse, had enough conditions to be respected to gain attention to.

I no longer remember him as a helper coach under Hiddink in 2002. Park Hang-seo is accompanied by the keywords "respected and Magic," as well as "sense.

From Vietnam’s national team to strengthening its weak stamina, strengthening its diet nutrition program, and strengthening its original team’s organizational competitiveness, Park’s close leadership in winning the title and motivation of the warm and proactive 1:1 players was strong, so the players’ physical strength, mind, and tactics are all based on the love and sincerity of both countries.

"Please love 안전놀이터 Korea as much as I do."

What a great and inspiring remark it is that I have been buried with my character as a leader. From the perspective of a civilian diplomat who is more than a sport, it seems to be a landmark that will be remembered in history. Director Park Hang-seo's leadership is smooth, intimate, human and warm. In a Korean society where personality is emphasized, the Vietnamese people and the Korean people love and love his personal achievement stories because they have the same sincerity when they are exposed naturally to the strengths and weaknesses of the individual and the external reputation, whether outside or inside the broadcasting.

Just as BTS’ success story also has a core keyword of personality followed together, the most basic element in sports marketing or star marketing is now the era of putting the sportsman’s or star’s human nature first and fandom marketing with his achievements, growth and success stories.

Spread from Sports Marketing to O2O Sports Fandom Marketing

The online and mobile search volume of Park Hang-seo alone is huge. People related to Park Hang-seo, acquaintances, announcers who took photos with him, broadcasters who aired them, hometown of their birth, and even companies that were hired as advertising models, and Korean companies that are exporting to Vietnam are making contents and using them as examples of success in sports marketing.

The Birth of Park Hang Seo: Magic

At the 2018 AFC U-23 Championship, Park, who led Vietnam's under-23 men's football team, led by coach Park Hang-seo, became a "national hero" by finishing second in the final of the Asian Football Confederation U-23 Championship for the first time in history, advancing to the semifinals at the Asian Games and leading the Vietnamese U-23 football team. Park's image of Korea has not only risen but also led to sales. It is another 'Park Hang-seo Magic.'

It is worth and meaningful that the story of Park Hang-seo: Magic has been created, which is more than just a story of putting the Vietnamese soccer team from second to first.

Popularity of Korean Products in Vietnam

Considering that it is the third day of the KOTRA event involving Korean companies at a shopping mall in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam after the Suzuki Cup, about 8,000 people came to the site last year, and this time, 15,000 people came to buy 50,000 pounds. The economic value of such a small event is more than doubling.

From the ratings of Korean broadcasting contents to the marketing dimension of the brand of Korea, the marketing of the country-to-country brands is also spreading beyond sports marketing.

Park Hang-seo, the economic effect of Magic, and Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, and Samsung SDI, which have production corporations in Vietnam, are exceeding 160,000 employees in Vietnam.

Besides Samsung, Korean companies are also well influenced by Park Hang-seo Magic, as well as Korean conglomerates such as LG Electronics, LG Display, LG Innotek, SK Innovation, Hyundai Motor, Hyosung, Hanwha Life Insurance and Lotte Mart have already entered Vietnam.

Local convenience stores in Korea are loved by Korean fruits, boxers, tteokbokki, beverages, snacks and beer, and are airing ads for local meat processing brands "Balbitt" and kimchi brand closing houses, which have grown more than 30 percent year-on-year in terms of sales of "Balbit Food."

Park Hang Seo Market Driving Cruise Will Be Long

In Korea, both Korean exporters and companies that have entered Vietnam since the establishment of diplomatic ties are reportedly benefiting from Park Hang-seo Magic.

If Korean companies are riding the trend wave of Park Hang-seo Magic as a second alternative to Asian countries while trade relations between China are not free, the synergy effect will increase gradually and the period will also likely last.

It is expected that K-Foodage will be the most effective in overseas linked marketing. The Korean restaurant industry's localization of Vietnamese restaurants, Korea's export of Korean recipes to restaurants, and Korea's export of fresh food will also enjoy positive halo effects.

So far, the cases of sports marketing have ended on some news issue, with the annual salary of a sports star. Furthermore, it was the first time that the two countries directly helped private diplomacy and trade with the love and respect of both Vietnamese and Korean citizens, even though it was the same as the corporate advertising model, ambassadors, and Kim Yu-na who ran the gala show and donated all of the proceeds.

The cruise of Park Hang-seo Market Driving, whose personal personal personal branding has gained popularity across the country and even raised a nation's reputation by several levels, is expected to last a long time.

Park Hang-seo's fandom craze has become an unprecedented milestone in sports marketing.

A case in which Korean companies, brands and products are both enthusiastic and loving by bringing the people of the nation together with soccer and asking them to love Park Hang-seo's country has become a great example that goes beyond the fandom effect.

It is true that 토토사이트 Koreans feel proud and awe-inspiring by taking pictures together, washing their socks by hand, gently and kindly showing leadership with a fatherly sincere heart, interviewing the world in a humble manner and even holding the trophy in an international soccer competition that is proven by its expertise and excellence as a festival director.

In the future, sports marketing successes will be news, with issues of sports marketing success growing several percent on-month, selling millions more, and quantifying the effects of CF advertising models.

From a marketer's point of view, if you anticipate and predict the future growth of a sportsman, you can prepare and develop advertising marketing, story marketing, sports marketing, fandom marketing, social networking services marketing, etc. for your company and enjoy the special effects of sports fandom marketing when you become a sports star.

Park Hang-seo is an excellent example of how a personal catalyst can create even better cases than fandom, which surpasses sports marketing and even promotes the reputation of the nation’s brand.

Trade exchanges between Vietnam and Korea, which have similar lifestyles of pan-national soccer love, will also see some examples of Korean products gaining popularity in Vietnam, but in contrast, we expect the synergy effect of Vietnamese brands becoming popular in Korea.

Legendary Sherer’s 2010 EPL Best 11 and Best Director

Legendary Alan Shearer has picked 11 of the top stars to play in the Premier League in the 2010s.

In a posting on its official website, the Premier League unveiled a list of 11 Premier League best players of the 2010s selected by Sherer. Sherer is currently a commentator for the BBC. Sherer explained the reason, referring to 11 of the Premier League's top players and the coach of the 2010s that he picked.

The best 메이저사이트 goalkeeper Sherer picked was Petr Cech. As for Cech, Sherer said, "I won two Premier League titles at Chelsea in the 2013-2014 and 2015-2016 seasons. He is a reliable and consistent player who has played 274 games in 10 years.

Sherer then picked Branislav Ivanovich-Vincense Kompani-John Terry as the best defender. Sherer, in particular, said of Kompany: "I had all the things required of a defender. He was a great architect and played a crucial role in City's four Premier League titles, scoring important goals.

토토사이트 Top midfielders were Kevin the Braweiner-Engolro Cantet-Yaya Toure-David Silva. Among them, Sherer praised Toure, saying, "Whether he broke through ahead or provided protection (on the line of defense), he was capable of showing whatever the midfielder needed."

Sherer picked Wayne Rooney-Edang Azar-Sergio Aguero as the top three strikers. As for Rooney among them, Sherer said, "I have always been a big fan of Manchester United strikers. Rooney's dedication was an important factor in United's two Premier League titles in 10 years.

The best director chosen by Sherer was Manchester City Pep Guardiola. "The way Premier League teams played has changed since Guardiola came to the Premier League," Sherer said of Guardiola.

Where did the brands of memories go?

Where did the brands of memories go?


The clothing of a sports brand has long gone beyond the use of exercise and into fashion due to its activity and convenience. The "athletization," which refers to sportswear that can be worn in everyday life, has also become very popular since the latter part of 2010.

However, some sports brands that used to be popular in Korea are doing strange things. Where did the missing brands of memories go? Let's find out about the information and the status of the brands.

Brand Deteriorated EXR

EXR, which was launched in 2001, is a sports brand that has been on a roll under the concept of "captor sport plus casual." The EXR, which is the original version of the "Aslazer" look, has gained popularity by combining fashionable designs with the functions of traditional sports.

EXR is a brand that recorded 150 billion units in sales at the time in 2011, but sales fell to 80 billion units in 2014 due to continued competition and the brand’s aging image. In addition, as the "Aslazer" became popular, large outdoor brands such as Nike and Adidas entered the "Sports Fashion" market, the "Katap" brand EXR" suffered from poor performance.

메이저놀이터 To restore its image, the EXR focused on building a brand image by hiring Italian fashion designer and architect Renato Montanera as its art director and arranging dealerships. Despite tremendous efforts, the company entered the order to close its brand around 2016 as EXR sales showed no signs of recovery.

Status of EXR

EXR, an indigenous sports brand that decided to withdraw its business in 2016, returned to home shopping around May 2017. EXR, which gave 20 to 30 generations a sense of "sports fashion" at the time of its launch, has launched the product to target home shopping consumers in their 30s and 40s.

On top of that, the 2018 EXR is seeking a comeback by launching again in the Chinese market. EXR, which had developed into a "high-priced sports brand" in the Chinese market for more than a decade from 2004 to 2015, appears to have expressed hope that its image has not been seriously damaged in China. Given that the Chinese sports market is rapidly growing, with Chinese sports brands such as "ANTA" and "Li Ning," the EXR is expected to have a chance to revive itself once again.

Head (HEAD)

Head is a world-class tennis equipment company and a U.S.-based Dutch sportswear company. Established in 1950 in Delaware, the head is also famous for its Alpine skiing products, as well as tennis. Head launched the industry’s first combination of metal and timber, and is famous for producing the first metal tennis racket.

Head is affiliated with the sport wear brand of Kolon Industries FnC, which operates Kolon and Cambridge in Korea. Head, who claims to be a sportswear brand for everyday sports, could not escape the old and old image of 69 years. Head Korea in 2018 started cleaning up department store stores and announced plans to close 12 stores from 30 in December 2017.

토토사이트 the latest developments in the head

Instead of sweeping department stores, which were set at 40 percent of the noise level by the end of this year, Head targeted 10 to 20 generations. The company has expanded its online distribution network to include Korea’s largest online editing shop "Mushinsa," which is popular among young people, and "Naver Store."

Department store closures are not just about reducing costs, but about changing the distribution structure to suit the target age group. Along with "Wheila," which became the main character of New Rhett last year, he has shed his old image and is targeting 10 to 20 generations such as "Great Colors" and "The Big Logo." It remains to be seen whether he will be able to capture the hearts of the 10th to 20th generation, which he dislikes, even though he has changed by lowering prices by 30 percent compared to existing products and introducing collaboration and new designs to shoot the tastes of the younger generation.