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Spreading."Additional customers for Hong Kong, Macau and Woori Casino"

Concerns are growing over the spread of the virus in Hong Kong and Macau, where additional confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, dubbed "Ulhan pneumonia," have emerged.

China Central Television and other TV stations reported on Sunday that a 66-year-old tourist from Wuhan, China's Hubei Province, was quarantined after showing signs of fever during quarantine as he arrived in Macau the previous afternoon.

"depressive pneumonia" in the Chinese..."Additional confirmed Hong Kong/Macao"

"depressive pneumonia" in the Chinese..."Additional confirmed Hong Kong/Macao"

The tourist was immediately taken to a hospital for examination after showing symptoms of a high fever of over 38 degrees, and was declared "pneumonia."

The previous day, read more a Chinese tourist who traveled from Wuhan to Macau was confirmed to have been confirmed. 우리카지노

Macau, in particular, is the region where Chinese people flock most during the Spring Festival. There is also concern about a large-scale spread because of the casino's characteristics, which are concentrated in one place by many

On top of this, Hong Kong also confirmed that there was "pneumonia."

Hong Kong officials said the 39-year-old man who visited Wuhan was confirmed to have been diagnosed with "pneumonia." Other 56-year-old men have also been tested positive and are being treated in isolation wards, according to medical industry officials.

Xinhua News Agency and Dongmang Hong Kong reported Tuesday that the incident was negative.

According to media reports, Macau's new Center for the Cooperation of the Coronavirus announced on the same day that a local hospital reported a patient with the new coronavirus.

The 52-year-old woman, who traveled from Wuhan, China, the origin of the new coronavirus, was confirmed to have been examined by a hospital for high fever, coughing and sore throat the previous afternoon.

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